Board Design




Shape: Hexagon     Trigon     Square

  Pentagon-1     Pentagon-Roseate  

 cell-1:    cell-2:
 cell-3:    cell-4:

 Borders: Yes     No     Border:

 Framed: Yes     No     Frame:

Placement: On Point     On Edge

Notes on use

  1. The IE8 browser will need to be in compatibility mode to work with this page.
  2. This drawing utility replaces the image utility which was written in PHP and required an external server. This utility is written in JavaScript and is entirely contained within this Wiki.
  3. The "Placement" selection has as yet no affect on pentagonal boards.
  4. The "Framed" selection only affects square-celled and hexagonal-celled boards.
  5. Other enhancements planned include the showing of cell co-ordinates and the ability to place piece images in the cells.
  6. Because the board is drawn directly on the page, there is no image that can be saved from the web page. One way to save a board locally would be to perform a screen capture.
  7. Colors can be specified by using hex color codes (#ffffff) or by using their names (white). The color names available will depend on your browser.